What Gives?!?

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the new (and slightly improved) tumbledownhouse.com!!

Maybe you are thinking, “Hey! This website isn’t that different from your old website, which was so awesome and loaded to the gills with wonderful pictures, hilarious razor-sharp wit, and nostalgic tour photos!”

Those things are all true, and I apologize for the change of format. Basically, Google decided to discontinue FTP publishing for their blogger platform, which our old website was based on. “What the hell does that mean?”, you’re probably asking yourself. Without getting into it, it means that I’ve had to spend the last few days reprogramming our website from the ground up so that we can continue our blog format and bring you new juicy stories from the road. If you’d like to review any of our past blogs, you can do so here.

So, this website will be under construction for awhile while I make improvements! We will now be able to blog at our leisure, and will do so with renewed vigor and enthusiasm! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.


One thought on “What Gives?!?

  1. Hi guys!

    I had the pleasure of listening to you in Austin at the Hole In The Wall.
    I don’t remember if I ever sent you the drawing I made while you were performing. Email me if I didn’t.

    Hope you are well,
    Darrel Thurman

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