Tumbledown House Premiers on PBS’ 11TH & GRANT Show

Hello Friends,

We are honored to be on 11th & Grant with Eric Funk, a PBS affiliate which features a different Montana artist or group of artists each week throughout its season.  It airs on Thursday, November 21st at 7pm.  We filmed the show this summer and it was a first for us.  We entered a gorgeous studio with Adam Greenberg (drums), Sean Lehmann (upright bass), Stefan Stern (grand piano), and Tony Vaughn (trumpet) and started playing our tunes in the soft light.  Several cameras on long mechanical necks smoothly swung around in the dark, just before our faces.  And when the song finished, there was a solid, dark silence.

Normally this is a bad sign for musicians.

But it makes sense for a TV show in which the songs will be intermixed with seated interviews.  It makes sense when you’re playing in a dark room completely devoid of audience members and some nice guy comes out of the dark to say “And…that’s a wrap, well done.”  It quickly became a comfortable silence.

The production crew for 11th and Grant welcomed us with such professional grace that it was easy to feel at home in an otherwise foreign environment.  This was nothing like playing a show in a normal venue.  But everyone there was so good at their jobs, and so happy to be there themselves, that it felt like a great club we got to be a part of for a day.  We spent the whole day doing this and then spent a different day doing interviews with Eric Funk, the show’s host, in the top of a half-demolished building at a different location.  We can’t wait to see the final product!  And it is a special honor to be picked for the first show of the season.

Here’s how you can see it.  On the broadcast day of the show (November 21st), around 7pm, the program will be available for online viewing anywhere in the country here: http://watch.montanapbs.org/program/11th-and-grant/.  There is also an 11th & Grant Facebook page that is already promoting the show at: https://www.facebook.com/11thAndGrant.  The official show site is: http://www.montanapbs.org/11thGrantwithEricFunk/episode903/.  For those who are in Montana, you can watch the show on PBS on Thursday 11/21 at 7pm, Saturday 11/23 at 9:40pm, and Monday 11/25 at 3:00am for the truly die hard fans.  We hope you can catch the show!

Thanks again to everyone at 11th and Grant with Eric Funk for treating us like stars and having us start their season of shows!

7 thoughts on “Tumbledown House Premiers on PBS’ 11TH & GRANT Show

  1. i just saw this. Blown away! Gotta see the band live.
    I’m in GF and won’t be able to make the Christmas dates in MT.
    Maybe someday?

  2. Saw your performance on 11th&Grant last night and wanted to say “Great!” to you.
    You both came across, beautifully, and I’d not heard your four-piece: Mmmmm…nice!
    Dan Marsh

  3. All our show dates are under “Shows” on our site. We’ve got a few shows in Bozeman, both as a duo and as a band, right after Christmas and into early January. Hope you can make it!

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