Alaska, Here We Come.

Talkeetna Landing Strip

It’s here!! This week we head to Alaska for a two week tour and we couldn’t be more excited. New dates/venues were added recently, so here is the updated list of events. If you know anyone up there, send them our way. If you ARE up there, we can’t wait to see you. Let’s drink too much and eat some reindeer.

Wed. 5/25, Blue Fox, Anchorage 10pm
Thurs. 5/26, Subzero, Anchorage 9pm
Fri. 5/27, Kharacters Bar, Homer 10pm
Sat. 5/28, Kingfisher Lodge, Cooper Landing 6:30pm
Sun. 5/29, Brown Bear Saloon, Indian 9pm
Wed. 6/1, Blues Central, Anchorage 9pm
Thurs. 6/2, Taproot, Anchorage 10pm
Fri. 6/3, 49th State Brewing Co., Healy 7pm (opening for Keller Williams and playing again afterward)
Sat. 6/4, Salmon Bake, Denali 10:30pm
Sun. 6/5, Fairview Inn, Talkeetna 9pm
Mon. 6/6 House Concert, Anchorage (email us for details:

Looks like we might even get a tiny break from the rain this time, but no matter; nothing will get in the way of our ambitions to slather the 49th state with our scent. Yeehaw!

Soggy in Denali, 2010