Sum And Substance

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We’re extremely excited to present our third full-length album, Sum and Substance. As per usual, the 9 original songs on this new album hail from a broad range of themes, moods, and genres. There is an upbeat swing tune with blazing horns about the life of Josephine Baker. There is a dark, backwoodsy song about experimenting with plant medicine in the Peruvian jungle. Another number describes the dating scene in San Francisco through animal safari metaphors. Our songs are dynamic and exciting, yet still cohesive and distinctly unique.

J100We feel really strongly that this album features our most mature and accomplished songwriting and performances to date. We’ve grown a lot as artists and humans since moving to the San Francisco bay area 4 years ago, and I feel like somehow that’s kind of evident in the music. The musicians that play on this album (and in our band throughout the Bay and the Northwest) are all exceptional artists and the studios that we were fortunate enough to work in were world class.  


1. Shaky Little Thing
2. Ode to Josephine
3. Clever Crocodile
4. The Buttons In Me
5. Pure Medicine
6. The Devil’s Design
7. Sullied Acres
8. Midnight In The Barrio
9. Set You Down

Fables and Falsehoods

Released 3/20/12

Here’s an excerpt from a recent review:

“Fables and Falsehoods is the brilliant, sepia-toned soaked offering from Tumbledown House that starts off like a black and white silent film and keeps rollicking along into a colorful tapestry of clever tales of woe and object lessons wrapped in a crushed-velvet punch. Gillian Howe and Tyler Ryan Miller, the duo who are Tumbledown House spared no expense; left no rock unturned, and climbed every mountain high to unearth a sweet, tasty, little gem of an album.” (read the rest of the review here)

“Fables and Falsehoods”, the second album from sultry songwriting duo ‘Tumbledown House, enlists the talents of 10 other musicians (including three horn players from New Orleans’ Dirty Dozen Brass Band), for a whimsical collection of songs tinged with 1920’s big band and dark tango. $11.99 + Shipping

1. Windy City
2. Little Castaway
3. The Thief
4. Master Cherry (Intro)
5. Master Cherry Finds A Strange Piece of Wood
6. The Race Track Song
7. One Mistake Will Do
8. T-Bone Cologne
9. The Help
10. The Great Escape
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Tumbledown House Self -Titled Debut

1. Midnight at The Openly Lewd (intro)
2. Right Hand Man
3. Sweaty Tennessee
4. Brothers McGhee
5. Poor Man’s Song
6. My Papa’s Waltz
7. Old Potosi
8. St. James Infirmary
9. After A Fire
10. Jug O’ Rossi
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