Mosquitoes, Music, and a little Mayhem

My wonderfully intuitive and insightful girlfriend bought me a Flip video camera for my 30th birthday. This will no doubt prove to be an invaluable tool in documenting Tumbledown House’s adventures, and will also provide hours of ridiculously silly entertainment and countless gigs of worthless footage.

I managed to capture a lot of the aforementioned footage during my 30th birthday weekend, which included an ideal camping spot, voraciously starving mosquitoes, The National Folk Festival (in its last year in Butte, MT), and ended, as all birthdays should, with some drunken karaoke at a shithole bar called ‘The Party Palace’.

As this is my first foray into video editing, it’s still a little rough, but hopefully you’ll notice a glimpse of promise and  talent, budding through the choppy and poorly thrown together shots, that just needs to be finely honed and nurtured, like a young Spielberg or Almodovar. Then again, maybe not.

At the beginning of August we leave for our tour in Alaska, which will likely provide tons of source material for our next movie. Stay tuned.


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