At the 11th Hour…

Alaska Tour 2019Next month we’ll be returning to Alaska for a short little tour, making this our 11th trip to that incredibly unique, beautiful, and rugged landscape. I took this photo at about 5 am in Homer. I was making my way back to the hotel and was so inspired by the morning light that I trudged down into a bog and stood in mud up to my knees to get this shot. We’ve heard great things about the festival in Seldovia and are so excited to see friends old and new and play music in unbelievably gorgeous settings. Hope to see you out there.

We’ve Added Our Entire Discography to Spotify!

Ok, internet. You win. In celebration of Tumbledown House’s 10th birthday, we have released all three of our albums on Spotify. Please help us get the word out and share with the Modern Speakeasy aficionados in your life! Enjoy!

Happy End of 2018, Friends!

It’s the time of year when reflection is nigh and hopefully regrets are few. Although there is always room for growth of all varieties, we had a wonderful year here at Tumbledown Headquarters and 2019 already looks to have UPPER LEVEL SHENANIGANS in store (and you’re invited!). But first some reflection:

As has been our custom, January has been a great month for downtime and cheap travel for us, a great combo that invigorates our creative juices, and 2018 was no different. Tyler traipsed all around India and Gillian, newly married, honeymooned in China and Indonesia. This coming January has Tyler swooping off to Morocco and beyond, and Gillian is grateful to have free time to see some girlfriends and accompany her folks in Denver for her dad’s upcoming surgery. Perhaps a quick jaunt somewhere is in store afterwards.

February found us in Arizona for two fabulous shows: The Kerr Cultural Center in Scottsdale and The Elks Theater in our old stomping grounds, Prescott. How good it was to be back among the amazing friends we found there. It’s such a magical place full of wonderful people and we hope to return again and again.

By March, we were on the road with friends and bandmates, John Brothers Piano Company for a tour through northern Cali and up to Eugene, Oregon and Portland. We then jumped on a plane and played some Montana shows! The Ellen Theatre in Bozeman is a special time with our original supporters (we love you!) and of course we couldn’t play Great Falls, Montana without a trip to see the mermaids.

April, May, and June were a blur of local events including a very intimate, special wedding show for friends, another quick trip to Montana for a private soiree, and tons of planning and work on our other local artistic endeavors, including a live music stage Tyler and Gillian help run at a local music festival.

July found us playing for fantastic audiences in Vegas and Reno (we love how seriously Reno is taking THE ARTS. If you thought you knew Reno and didn’t like it, try it again; there is VERY cool stuff happening there these days). And then on to Alaska for our TENTH TOUR up there (Salmonfest!) complete with a full Bay Area band. It was a riot. It had been a few years since our last tour up there and it was SO good to see our wonderful friends again. Man, the people we have met through music…we are beyond blessed.

When autumn hit, it was our intense music conference season, and we found ourselves lanyard-clad and performing for music industry people from all over the globe, showcasing and attending Western Arts Alliance (LV, NV), South Arts Exchange (Orlando, FL), Arts Northwest (Eugene, OR), and Folk Alliance FAR-WEST (LA). This is always both exhausting and inspiring, but ultimately it’s great confirmation that we are members of a beautiful community. Conferences can open doors we didn’t know existed, and it’s also great talking shop with other musicians and seeing the varied talent out there.

That pulled us into the winter and much communication over the events of 2019! We have surprises in store that need finalizing but we can go ahead and encourage you to take a Valentine’s Day trip to the Yucatán, ‘cuz Tumbledown House is playing the Full Moon Jazz Festival in Merida, Mexico, baby! We are so excited to party it up on February 16th and hope all of you consider making a little trip south of the border to party down in the beautiful Yucatán. Stay tuned for more exciting tidbits as we roll into a new year.

In the meantime, we hope you are all safe, healthy, happy, and finding much inspiration and satisfaction from the world of music around you.

Happy holidays, friends.
Tumbledown House

“If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.” –Charles Darwin

New Live Videos!!

This summer, we played some of the biggest shows of our careers, including gigs at The Kerr Cultural Center in Scottsdale, AZ, The Ellen Theatre in Bozeman, MT, shows for the Las Vegas Library District, and an exceptionally special performance in front of an at-capacity crowd of 1000 in Reno, NV for Artown!

We filmed the Artown performance and have released two live videos that we are very excited to share with you! The first is an introduction to the band followed by our song, Shaky Little Thing (from our latest album). The second video is an original song from our second album, called “The Racetrack Song”.

We just have a few shows in the Bay before we’re off for an EXTRAVAGANZA of industry conferences. We were selected as Official Showcase presenters and will be testing our sanity by attending the Performing Arts Exchange in Orlando FL, Arts Northwest in Eugene OR, and FAR-WEST Folk Alliance (LA) conferences back to back to back. What results this will yield professionally, financially, or psychologically, are anyone’s guess. Catch ya on the flip side!

All Quiet on the Western Front?

Well, dear readers, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Please don’t mistake our online absence for inactivity! Let me assure you, we’ve been everything but quiet.

2017 was quite the breakthrough year for us. Through new relationships with booking agencies and contacts met (largely through the Western Arts Alliance) we’ve finally broken into the next level of venues (not literally). Last year, we began performing in more Main St. Theaters, Performing Arts Centers, and free, large, outdoor performances. We’ve expanded our ensemble and are currently performing with a much more lush instrumentation, including clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass, drums, and of course the kazoo. We’ve written some new songs, traveled to far away places (and dealt with the accompanied gastronomical complications), and hell, one of us even got married.

2018 is the year that we explode onto the national scene like a crate of fireworks in the back of a pickup driven by a haphazard cigar smoker. It’s the year we paint our names across the walls like a toddler with a new set of Crayolas. It’s the year that we look back on when we were older and ask ourselves ‘What the hell were we thinking?”, and we couldn’t be more excited.

First up, tours to Arizona, Montana, the Pacific Northwest, and Nevada! (hey friends, it’s been a while). More info on our local San Francisco Area dates below:

Arizona – February 16th and 17th

Scottsdale, AZ
Tickets –
FB Event –

Prescott, AZ
Tickets –
FB Event –

Montana – March 16

Bozeman, MT
Tickets – (scroll down)
FB Event –
(This will likely sell out)

We’re currently booking a tour in the Pacific Northwest for March 14th-17th. Stay tuned to (our better yet, our Facebook Page!) for announcements!

We’ll be performing in Reno and Las Vegas in July and will announce those dates as the time draws near! In the meantime, here’s our video we finished at the end of last year for our song, an Ode to Josephine Baker. May she serve as an inspiration to us all. If you’re not familiar with her story, stop everything and check out her unbelievable life story.

Rock steady babe,
Tumbledown House

Live Radio Show!

Tonight we’re performing on the Fog City Blues live radio show. Tune in at 9pm (PST) to hear us perform some of our new songs and talk about the absurdity of life, the universe, and everything! Live stream here:

We have lots of fun shows coming up! Hope to see you somewhere down the line.


CDs and Downloads of our New Album Now Available!

Orders placed here are shipping out now, before the album becomes widely available for purchase through all major retailers in early December (Itunes, Amazon, etc.).

High Quality Downloads available through Bandcamp. (You can preview all of the tracks here as well)

For Physical CDs please click below for a secure Paypal transaction. $12.99 + shipping

J100We’re extremely excited to present our third full-length album, Sum and Substance. As per usual, the 9 original songs on this new album hail from a broad range of themes, moods, and genres. There is an upbeat swing tune with blazing horns about the life of Josephine Baker. There is a dark, backwoodsy song about experimenting with plant medicine in the Peruvian jungle. Another number describes the dating scene in San Francisco through animal safari metaphors. Our songs are dynamic and exciting, yet still cohesive and distinctly unique.

1. Shaky Little Thing
2. Ode to Josephine
3. Clever Crocodile
4. The Buttons In Me
5. Pure Medicine
6. The Devil’s Design
7. Sullied Acres
8. Midnight In The Barrio
9. Set You Down

A Successful Conference, New Album, and Upcoming Tours..

Last week we attended the Western Arts Alliance conference in Los Angeles. That’s right: while most of our friends were prancing around the Nevada desert, pretending they’re unicorns and pixies, we donned our fishnets and fedoras and went to rub elbows with many professionals throughout the Performing Arts Industry. 

The conference was successful beyond our wildest imaginations. We booked some amazing gigs and met some incredible people. About six months ago, we were selected by the WAA as ‘Launchpad Artists’, which gave us a scholarship, menorah up, and increased visibility at the conference. This was incredibly effective and we’re so very grateful to be a part of this program. 

that great conference in the sky

Lanyard Graveyard

This is a very exciting time for us. Our new album, ‘Sum and Substance’, is finished! We feel very strongly that it’s our best, most mature work to date, and reflects how much we’ve grown as artists and as humans since releasing our last full length. We’ll be updating our website, photos, and shooting a video to promote the release. New music heading your way soon!

2017 will see new tour dates to some of favorite stomping grounds! We’ll be returning to Montana for a show at The Ellen Theater in January, and will have tour dates in Arizona and Southern California (and likely Alaska) sometime after that. 

Thanks for reading and for following the wild roller coaster ride that defines our careers in music! Many fun things on the horizon. 

Monthly Residencies in the Bay Area

Hello Friends!

This is a quick note to let you know we currently have 3 regular gigs each month in San Francisco and Oakland so you don’t have to check your watch or your email or your calendar or even our website (though we still encourage that for all other shows, shenanigans, and sometimes just for the embarrassing pictures we post of ourselves).  We play the following places once a month and love returning each time to the fantastic staff and regulars we’ve come to love.  Come check out these great spots and see what we’re talking about.

With dependable regularity (until we get fired) we will be HERE:

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month: Blondies Bar and No Grill (540 Valencia).  {Mission, SF}

Every 2nd Friday of the month: Cafe Van Kleef (1621 Telegraph) {Downtown Oakland}

Every 3rd Thursdays: Tupelo (1337 Grant) {North Beach, SF}

In other news, we just returned from a 12 day tour through Montana, specifically Bozeman and then a few little towns on the high line–the little highway that parallels the Canadian border where impressively cold weather can occur.  We lucked out on the weather (and the car’s life expectancy) and were met with the warmest welcomes from the nicest folks.  We were accompanied by our good friend, Jake Fleming, on sax.  Here are some shots from the road.


At one point, a kindergartener pooed his pants and a teacher later apologized for the “Code Brown.” This is, we believe, a first for us. But we can’t be sure.


I don’t really get it either.


A lovely gal displays the next auction item at the (highly successful) first annual Bootlegger’s Ball in Sidney: a custom made Tommy Gun. They’ll just worry about registering it later, I guess…


We got a book of our pictures done during our concert in Malta, then we encouraged the talented young lady to sign it. The resemblance was striking. A kid’s drawing of a man’s beard is, I think, my new favorite thing.


We got to play the MonDak Heritage Center which was full of beautifully curated treasures from every aspect of life in the pioneering days. A fantastic display!


The keys were in the ignition. I just don’t know where to park that in San Francisco.


Malta, Montana


Saco, Montana.


Nashua, Montana.

That’s it from our end, for now.  We hope to see you down the line.

-Tumbledown House



Somebody Pinch Me..

Honestly, I must be dreaming. So many good things are happening right now and we’re very excited to share them with you:

More Alaskan shenanigans! That’s right folks. We’re headed back to that gorgeous desolate frontier for our 7th tour in the great state of Alaska. What can we say? It’s just that good. So good in fact that we’re bringing our friends, The Door Floor Band, along for the ride. Who is the Dirt Floor Band? I’m so glad you asked. Taken from their website: “Five Mendocino County, California dudes playing original barefoot-punk-grass; our own special blend of mutt music. Bluegrass. Electric funk jamming. Self-deprecating folk-country”. They are super fun and great friends of ours. You’re gonna dig it. Our Tour dates are listed below; for more info on the DFB, check out their Facebook page.

In other news, we were recently contacted by the good folks at Stern Grove, one of the largest outdoor free concert series in San Francisco, and will be a part of their ‘Grove on the Road’ series next month. We’re very excited to be working with these promoters and have put together a special 6 piece band for the event, which will be in Noe Valley on June 1st.

Oh, and did we mention that the episode of 11th and Grant that we recorded last year for Montana PBS was nominated for 3 Regional Emmy Awards? Congrats to the amazing crew; your talent and hard work deserve this recognition. Wish we could be there to pop some corks with you.

We’re working feverishly on some new music and hope to have something for you soon. In the meantime, come check us out at one of our many shows around the Bay Area this Spring/Summer. We’re working with some incredibly talented musicians and are bringing new instrumentation to our music! Hope to see you out there on that long dusty road. Cheers friends!

Alaska Summer 2014

Wed. 6/18 – Subzero Microlounge (duo). Anchorage. 8pm.

Thurs 6/19 – Taproot. Full band featuring Corwyn Wilkey (trpt), Joe Eunice (bass), and Brandon Cockburn (drums). A jazz set opens the show at 9pm.

Fri 6/20 – Denali Salmon Bake. Full band featuring Corwyn Wilkey (trpt), Joe Eunice (bass), and Brandon Cockburn (drums). 10pm.

Sat 6/21 – Solstice Fest!! Full band featuring Corwyn Wilkey (trpt), Joe Eunice (bass), and Brandon Cockburn (drums). Time TBD.

Sun 6/22 – The Fairview Inn. Talkeetna. Full band featuring Corwyn Wilkey (trpt), Joe Eunice (bass), and Brandon Cockburn (drums). 9pm.

Wed 6/25 – Sackett’s. Cooper Landing (duo). 9pm.

Thurs 6/26 – The Kingfisher. Cooper Landing (duo) 8pm.

Fri 6/27 – Kharacter’s Bar. Homer. May be joined by a special guest or two. 10pm.

Sat 6/28 – The Ninilchik Peddler. 6pm. (duo)

Sat 6/28 – Kharacter’s Bar. Homer. May be joined by a special guest or two. 10pm.

Sun 6/29 – Possible show at AJ’s in Homer. Still has yet to be confirmed.