Alaskan Tour! Album! Local Shows!

Hello, you lovely misfits.

We are headed back up to Alaska this summer for our NINTH TOUR up there!  Can you believe it?  We can.  We’re already excited for our 10th!  We’ve been hopelessly addicted to the manic summer sunlight and the violent mosquitoes for years now.  Can’t get enough.  Here’s the skinny:

Friday, July 8th – 49th State Brewing Company– 10:30pm
Sat, July 9th – Denali Park Salmon Bake – 11pm
Sunday, July 10th – Fairview Inn (Talkeetna)- 9pm? (Full band birthday show!)
Weds, July 13th – SubZero Microlounge (Anchorage) – 8pm
Thurs, July 14th – TapRoot.  Full band blowout! (Anchorage) – 9pm-ish
Fri, July 15th – Kharacters Alaskan Bar (Homer) – 10pm
Sat, July 16th – Kharacters Alaskan Bar (Homer) – 10pm
Tues, July 19th – Kingfisher Restaurant. (Cooper Landing) 8pm-ish.

In other news, we are excited to tell you that we have begun recording our new album!  We went into Tiny Telephone the other day and had a fantastic time laying some tracks with our engineer, Rob.  Everything went smoothly and it was a whole lot of fun.  We can’t yet tell you a precise release date, or even a vaguely optimistic one, but you can rest assured we will be ramping up celebrations for it so you can find out all about it here.  Eventually.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of our new happy place.







Until then, you can catch us in San Francisco and around the Bay Area.  Our regular full band shows right now are every 2nd Wednesday of the month at Blondie’s in the Mission (on Valencia, between 16th and 17th) and every 4th Friday of the month at Club Deluxe (near the famous corner of Haight and Ashbury).  Keep an eye on the Tour Dates page for all other performances in and around the Bay Area.

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

–Tumbledown House


“Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.” –PRINCE

Club Deluxe This Friday, Feb 26th, 9:30pm, $5, Quartet


photo: Lee Sayer

Jay Johnson opened Club Deluxe in 1989, and from day one, it has been a “subculture clubhouse” on the famous corner of Haight and Ashbury. It’s been a haven for misfits and musicians and burlesque dancers and well, everyone else who feels at home there; it either speaks to your style or it doesn’t. It’s where you can wear a fine hat and not feel self conscious about it because there will likely be several other people in there looking dapper in vintage threads as well. But you’ll be just as welcomed in ripped jeans and a hoodie as long as you’re cool, man. I, of course, encourage the former wardrobe if you’ve the choice; it will fit better with the air of sex and darkness and history and scandal that hangs under the low ceilings and swirls around the Formica table tops and vinyl bar stools. It’s almost a surprise there aren’t ashtrays here and there with lipstick-rimmed Lucky Strikes defiantly smashed into their centers.

The feel of the place is 50’s diner meets swing club meets low key mafia meetings, the kind of meetings they had when they were experiencing relatively peaceful, lucrative times–when the day promised cash, pizza, coffee, and broads as opposed to shootings, stabbings, drug overdoses, and jailtime. Though to be honest, there’s a bit of those things in the air there too. The narrow room goes far back and is split length-ways in the middle with an open dividing wall which makes for interesting, intimate seating and a feel of looking through windows at the stage side of the room, which is where the larger mafia booths and tables for 2 or 4 take up the floor.

Hell, let me just describe it this way: I was just in there last night. A Tuesday. A woman walked in that I could only describe as a real dame. She approached the bar with familiarity. She wore a sexy black dress from the 40’s. She wore lipstick. Her hair had those soft curls that women seemed to wake up with back then. Oh, and she had a giant white parrot on her shoulder. The parrot left her shoulder casually and side stepped onto the rails of the bar where waitresses wait for their drink orders to place on a tray. The parrot then grabbed a clear drinking straw in its beak and right foot, and proceeded to entertain itself the best it could. A drink, whiskey on the rocks, was placed before the woman without any words exchanged.

So it’s that kind of place.

And we’re gonna be there this Friday, February 26th, at 9:30pm for just 5 clams. We’ll be joined by Ryan Lukas on upright bass and Zac Johnson on clarinet and bass clarinet.

Come join us. And bring your parrots. We’ll take care of all that other stuff.

-Tumbledown House

The 16th Annual Edwardian Ball


Hello Friends!

We hope 2016 is off to a splendid start for you all. We personally like to take a little time off in this month to reflect on the previous year and traipse about in an effort to gather inspiration for the next! So we have some glorious down time right now from our usual show schedule as Tyler concurs Peru and Gillian shakes it down in New Orleans, then NYC and Boston. But when we rejoin forces in the Bay Area at the end of January, it is for the most auspicious occasion:

We’re playing San Francisco’s 16th Annual Edwardian Ball!

To be clear, this is a two day event and we are playing Friday, January 22nd, which is technically the “World’s Faire” night, whereas Saturday is termed the Edwardian Ball. We encourage you to attend both nights but our show will be on the first.

If you’re not familiar with the Ball, go HERE for information and absorb all the delicious details. In the organizers’ own words, the ball is “an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author and illustrator Edward Gorey.” So it’s a malleable concept with lots of different influences at play but it is DEFINITELY gorgeous, festive, circus-y, costume-filled, and FUN.

So don your fancies and join us on Friday, January 22nd, at the World’s Faire, the first night of the Edwardian Ball, for a night of art and entertainment you will never forget! See you there!

–Tumbledown House

Performing One Show in Bozeman at the Ellen Theatre Nov. 13th!


Hello Friends,

We’re excited to announce a big show next month back in Bozeman, Montana, birthplace of Tumbledown House!  We’ll be playing as a 6-piece band at the Ellen Theatre on Friday, November 13th.  We’ll be joined by Adam Greenberg on drums, Sean Lehmann on bass, Jake Fleming on sax, and Bay Area musician Zac Johnson will be flying in to join us on clarinet!  It’s going to be a grand show, in a beautiful, historic theater, and we’re honored to bring our songs and theatrical stories to a room that has been a holding place for those very things since 1919.  So grab your tickets and join us for a night of music and sordid tales, and, uh, we won’t make you stay in those seats if you don’t want to.

Ticket information starts here:

We hope to see you there, lovelies.

-Tumbledown House

“Some of these things are true and some of them lies.  But they are all good stories.” –Hilary Mantel


Monthly Residencies in the Bay Area

Hello Friends!

This is a quick note to let you know we currently have 3 regular gigs each month in San Francisco and Oakland so you don’t have to check your watch or your email or your calendar or even our website (though we still encourage that for all other shows, shenanigans, and sometimes just for the embarrassing pictures we post of ourselves).  We play the following places once a month and love returning each time to the fantastic staff and regulars we’ve come to love.  Come check out these great spots and see what we’re talking about.

With dependable regularity (until we get fired) we will be HERE:

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month: Blondies Bar and No Grill (540 Valencia).  {Mission, SF}

Every 2nd Friday of the month: Cafe Van Kleef (1621 Telegraph) {Downtown Oakland}

Every 3rd Thursdays: Tupelo (1337 Grant) {North Beach, SF}

In other news, we just returned from a 12 day tour through Montana, specifically Bozeman and then a few little towns on the high line–the little highway that parallels the Canadian border where impressively cold weather can occur.  We lucked out on the weather (and the car’s life expectancy) and were met with the warmest welcomes from the nicest folks.  We were accompanied by our good friend, Jake Fleming, on sax.  Here are some shots from the road.


At one point, a kindergartener pooed his pants and a teacher later apologized for the “Code Brown.” This is, we believe, a first for us. But we can’t be sure.


I don’t really get it either.


A lovely gal displays the next auction item at the (highly successful) first annual Bootlegger’s Ball in Sidney: a custom made Tommy Gun. They’ll just worry about registering it later, I guess…


We got a book of our pictures done during our concert in Malta, then we encouraged the talented young lady to sign it. The resemblance was striking. A kid’s drawing of a man’s beard is, I think, my new favorite thing.


We got to play the MonDak Heritage Center which was full of beautifully curated treasures from every aspect of life in the pioneering days. A fantastic display!


The keys were in the ignition. I just don’t know where to park that in San Francisco.


Malta, Montana


Saco, Montana.


Nashua, Montana.

That’s it from our end, for now.  We hope to see you down the line.

-Tumbledown House



11th and Grant with Eric Funk

We had a wonderful time celebrating the release of our show on Montana PBS.  Thanks again to everyone involved.  Here it is!  If you like what you see, and you’re in Montana, we have a couple full band shows coming up in Bozeman, in December and January.

Friday, December 27th: Copper Whiskey Bar and Grill (101 E. Main).  Speakeasy Party!  Come costumed and ready to dance.  9pm

Saturday, January 4th: Cikan house concert.  The Cikans have been hosting intimate jazz concerts in their wonderful home for 16 years now.  It’s a great way to see the whole band AND hear the stories behind the music.  Space is limited.  If you’re interested in attending, please email us at for further details.

We have a number of other Bozeman shows, as a duo.  Please check out our “tour dates” above. Cheers!

Tumbledown House Premiers on PBS’ 11TH & GRANT Show

Hello Friends,

We are honored to be on 11th & Grant with Eric Funk, a PBS affiliate which features a different Montana artist or group of artists each week throughout its season.  It airs on Thursday, November 21st at 7pm.  We filmed the show this summer and it was a first for us.  We entered a gorgeous studio with Adam Greenberg (drums), Sean Lehmann (upright bass), Stefan Stern (grand piano), and Tony Vaughn (trumpet) and started playing our tunes in the soft light.  Several cameras on long mechanical necks smoothly swung around in the dark, just before our faces.  And when the song finished, there was a solid, dark silence.

Normally this is a bad sign for musicians.

But it makes sense for a TV show in which the songs will be intermixed with seated interviews.  It makes sense when you’re playing in a dark room completely devoid of audience members and some nice guy comes out of the dark to say “And…that’s a wrap, well done.”  It quickly became a comfortable silence.

The production crew for 11th and Grant welcomed us with such professional grace that it was easy to feel at home in an otherwise foreign environment.  This was nothing like playing a show in a normal venue.  But everyone there was so good at their jobs, and so happy to be there themselves, that it felt like a great club we got to be a part of for a day.  We spent the whole day doing this and then spent a different day doing interviews with Eric Funk, the show’s host, in the top of a half-demolished building at a different location.  We can’t wait to see the final product!  And it is a special honor to be picked for the first show of the season.

Here’s how you can see it.  On the broadcast day of the show (November 21st), around 7pm, the program will be available for online viewing anywhere in the country here:  There is also an 11th & Grant Facebook page that is already promoting the show at:  The official show site is:  For those who are in Montana, you can watch the show on PBS on Thursday 11/21 at 7pm, Saturday 11/23 at 9:40pm, and Monday 11/25 at 3:00am for the truly die hard fans.  We hope you can catch the show!

Thanks again to everyone at 11th and Grant with Eric Funk for treating us like stars and having us start their season of shows!

We’re Coming B(AK)!

Well that’s a little embarrassing.  We haven’t updated our page since our Alaskan tour in May, and now we’re headed back in September!  What can we say?  It’s been a busy summer of touring (Oregon and Montana, while we were at it) and now we’re headed back to the great white north on September 3rd for our 6th Alaskan tour.  We cannot wait!  Here are the dates:

Wednesday, 9/4: Subzero Lounge, Anchorage (duo), 9pm

Thursday and Friday, 9/5 & 6: Salmon Bake in Denali (duo), 9pm

Saturday, 9/7: Snow Goose Theater, Anchorage (full band–culminating dance workshop show (, 8pm (open to all, visit back2basics website for ticket info)

Sunday, 9/8: Fairview Inn, Talkeetna (full band), 9pm

Wednesday, 9/11: Kingfisher Roadhouse, Cooper Landing (duo), 9pm

Friday and Saturday, 9/13 & 14: Kharacters Bar, Homer, 10pm

Sunday, 9/15: A.J.’s Steakhouse, Homer, 7pm

And here are some snapshots of our last tour:  we’re shootin’ for more of the same































Sportin' our sticker!








Home Is Where the Heart Is.

Our last show in Big Sky, Montana. Beer hearts!


We.  Are.  Californians.

Well…we WILL be.  As soon as the Craigslist Gods say that it is so.

Housing unavailability aside, we consider ourselves HOME and we have plenty of upcoming Bay Area gigs to help us plant our roots:

Saturday, March 23rd: Winemaker’s PourhouseLivermore.  6:30-9:30pm.  Duo.  This is a small wine bar full of warm people.  The atmosphere is cozy, the libations are delicious, and the company can’t be beat.

Friday, March 29th: Surf SpotPacifica.  8-10:30pm.  Duo.  This will be our first show at Surf Spot.  It’s a super beach/surf-style casual hangout in Pacifica.  On the weekends, the music is outdoors with the fire pits, volleyball courts, and rolling lawns.  It looks like a great place to soak in the coastal culture.

Saturday, March 30th: Local EditionMarket Street.  9-midnight.  Full band.  This is an underground gem below Market Street.  It’s full of candles, antique type writers, and authentic newspaper pages from some of the city’s biggest events down through the ages.  The drinks are a work of art and the vibe is very, very sexy.  We love bringing the band in there.

Wednesday, April 3rd: Local EditionMarket Street.  Happy hour show: 5:30-7:30pm.  Duo.

Thursday, April 4th: Off the GridBerkeley.  7-8:30pm.  Duo.  Off the Grid is a roving gourmet food market.  It’s a farmer’s market-type atmosphere that specializes in food trucks and caterers.    There are several Off the Grids in different parts of the bay area on different days of the week and at different times of the day.  The food is exceptional, the experience is casual, and it’s a celebrated community event, wherever it’s happening.  Click the link to get a good idea of what it’s all about.

Monday, April 8th: K.C. Turner Acoustic Showcase at Osteria in the Presidio.  Duo.  This is a super intimate dinner and show experience at Osteria.  The event is from 7-10pm with no cover and no age restriction.  Each artist puts on two 25 minute show cases.  We will be sharing the bill with Gurf Morlix.  It will be a great evening of music and food in the Presidio, but space is limited so to guarantee seating, please make a reservation with Osteria: (415) 771-5030.

Wednesday, April 10th: Blondie’s in the Mission.  9:30pm-1am.  Full band.  Blondie’s is a sloppy favorite in the Mission.  It was voted “Best place to get your date drunk in one drink”.  Mad street cred right there.  It’s small, the sound is awesome, there’s a dance floor, the martinis come in pint glasses, and there’s a little strip of seats right on the sidewalk for plenty of proper people-watching.

Saturday, April 13th: Surf SpotPacifica.  2-5pm.  Quartet.  Same great beach spot but earlier in the sunny afternoon, and with more members in the band.  This just keeps getting better.

Monday, April 15th: Off the GridBelmont.  7-8:30pm.  Duo.

Saturday, April 20th: Local EditionMarket Street.  9-midnight.  Full band.

Friday, April 26th: Surf SpotPacifica.  8-10:30pm.  Duo.

Saturday, April 27th: Winemaker’s PourhouseLivermore.  6:30-9:30pm.  Duo.

Sunday, May 5th: Off the GridLarkspur.  12-1:30pm.  Duo.

Monday, May 6th: Off the GridBelmont.  7-8:30pm.  Duo.

Wednesday, May 8th: Blondie’sThe Mission.  9:30pm-1am.  Full band.

Friday, May 10th: Armando’sMartinez.  9-10pm.  Trio or quartet.

Saturday, May 11th: Local EditionMarket Street.  9-midnight.  Full band.

Monday, May 13th: Off the GridBelmont.  7-8:30pm.  Duo.


Tuesday, May 21st: We leave for Alaska and tour Anchorage, Homer, Cooper Landing, Talkeetna, Denali, and possibly Seward until June 11th!  Alaskan tour dates are posted under “Tour Dates” above, as they are confirmed.  Then it’s back to the bay area for about 3 weeks of shows before our Montana tour.  Hope to see you out there, friends!


Our last purchased beverage before we saw rent prices in San Francisco.



The Merry Year is Born…


Like the bright berry from the naked thorn. –Hartley Coleridge

It’s that time of year.  You can put the past behind you and just look forward with optimism.  We do so with smiles on our faces; the last year was something we don’t wish to simply bury.  For us it was a year of adventure and change and success.  For 2013 we just want more of the same!

January of 2012 found us at our Big Sky Ski Resort residency where we snowboarded by day and played our ditties in the nighttime.  We’ve come to know some of the regular returning crew members in that seasonal business and now we’re headed there again for January and February of this year.  Our New Year’s resolution is to make it a time of utmost creativity.  We hope to leave Big Sky with new songs in our pockets.


In the spring of 2012 we headed out on a huge tour of the South.  We drove from Arizona to the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee.  We had a grand time in that beautiful neck of the woods, playing in beach towns and gorgeous cities and meeting the friendliest of folks.  We topped it off with our attendance at Jazz Fest in New Orleans where we saw the city’s best talent as well as global acts that absolutely floored us.  We left New Orleans feeling completely rejuvenated and tinkered with the idea of moving there.  Alas, the summer weather is less than inviting.











We drove back to Arizona where we flew to Alaska for a 3 week tour in May.  We adore that state and have found some amazing friends there in Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks, Talkeetna, Cooper Landing, Ninilchik, Seward, and Homer.  We made it there twice this year and now we can’t imagine going a year without a visit.





We flew back to Arizona, had 4 shows in 4 days, packed everything we owned into a mobile storage unit and moved out.  We were terribly sad to leave Prescott, which was such a genuine home for us.  We realized it was time to relocate to a bigger city full of countless venues and other resources.  We started making plans to revisit Prescott’s magical community as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we drove back to Montana, rehearsed with our very talented band mates there and and headed out on tour with them right away.  We toured Oregon and Washington together and had a blast.  We spent the next 2 months playing shows all over Montana and headed back to Alaska in September. 











We rehearsed with some fabulous musicians up there and got a fantastic band on the road to Fairbanks, Denali, Talkeetna, and Anchorage.  It was so nice to get our full band sound out to our favorite Alaskan spots.  We can’t wait to play with those boys again.

We returned to Montana and within a week we were driving north for our first Canadian show.  This year marked our first international show and it was a total success.  The Calgary Folk Club welcomed us and treated us like rock stars.  We had a lovely time in that super clean and quiet city and took a little time to explore beautiful Banff before heading home again.  We were home just one more week before we toured as a duo through Oregon once again.  We then found ourselves in northern California spending Halloween (and pre-Halloween and post-Halloween) with good friends, including The Dirt Floor Band, for whom we opened in Ukiah and a grand time was had by all.

Next up, we wandered on down to San Francisco and spent a month checking out the city while we met with some new musicians and did about 4 full band shows.  We fell in love with the city and felt our shows were quite successful.  It encouraged us to make the leap and we will be moving there more permanently in March!

We gathered our parking tickets and got a slight readjustment to our car (everyone donates a car stereo and a passenger window when visiting San Francisco, right?) and headed back to Montana for the holidays.  It was great to spend the holidays with the family for a whirlwind 5 days before hopping on a plane the day after Christmas and flying back to Arizona for a string of shows over New Year’s!  It was so energizing to see our home away from home again and we were welcomed with open arms and blush-worthy celebration.  We hope to come back as soon as we can, Arizona!

That brings us to January 2013.  We are back in the Big Sky Ski Resort for another two month residency before moving to San Francisco in March.  The snow is coming down in loads and forcing the temperatures into the negatives.  It’s a toasty place to spend a snow storm; the giddy energy of the powder hounds is pretty infectious and we can’t go anywhere around here without meeting someone from another far corner of the world.  And that pleases us.

Thank you, friends and family, for making 2012 a very, very memorable and joyful year for us.  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013 for you and yours.