As the Dust Settles…

As we step gleefully into the summer months, the dust is beginning to settle at Tumbledown Headquarters. We’ve recently moved into a new apartment and purchased a magic bullet, which is in my humble opinion, the most amazing invention since birth control. We have a wonderful summer booked, mostly in Montana. In August we will be embarking upon a week long tour in Alaska, from which we hope to return without getting shot.

This morning I finished routing our fall tour, which could be described as “ambitious” or more appropriately “likely regrettable”. Here’s a map:

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The tour will be very similar to the one we did last year, except we will partake in a larger excursion of the Deep South and, in an attempt to save money and brain cells, will spend a little less time in New Orleans. If you happen to have any suggestions of venues we should contact along our route, please email us.

Finally, here’s a video segment from a show produced by Tucson-12 called ‘DTOWN’. They edited together an interview of us with snippets of our ‘Race Track Song’. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “As the Dust Settles…

  1. Hello Dear Tumbledown,

    I am glad to see your upcoming tour ending in Arizona. I hope Prescott is on the list as I enjoyed you so very much at the Raven. I do have a few more contacts in Prescott, one we already passed on is 129 1/2, and the other is Monks. I will get back to you with names and numbers.


  2. Hey, it’s nick from the Spearfish Chophouse. Looking forward to having you on Friday, and so are my customers. I also took the liberty of promoting a special sushi happy hour from 9-11 to ensure the crowd and hospitality is thick (although you are already remebered fondly). Call me asap for some last minute details. (605) 645-7869…
    Nick, from the Chophouse

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