Alaska Bound..

As the days grow longer and temperatures begin to climb, we begin preparing for our 5th Alaskan tour. It’s absolutely amazing that the great state of Alaska hasn’t seen fit to tar-and-feather us, drag us behind a snow machine, or use us as sport fishing bait, but instead continually invites us back for more late night debauchery. We can’t wait to see all of our Alaskan friends (you know who you are), play with some of our favorite musicians (we know who you are), and perform in some of our favorite venues (everybody knows who you are).

Alaska – Spring 2013

Thursday, May 23rd – Subzero Microlounge. Anchorage, AK. 8pm

Friday, May 24th – Kharacter’s Bar. Homer, AK. 10pm

Saturday, May 25h – Kharacter’s Bar. Homer, AK. 10pm

Sunday, May 26th – AJ’s Old Town Steakhouse and Tavern. Homer, AK. 6:30pm.

Wednesday, May 29th – AJs Old Town Steakhouse and Tavern. Homer, AK. 6:30pm.

Thursday, May 30th – Humpy’s Alehouse. Anchorage, AK. 10pm. (Full Band)

Friday, May 31st – Taproot. Anchorage, AK. 9pm. (Full Band)

Saturday, June 1st – The Kingfisher Roadhouse. Cooper Landing, AK. 7pm (I think).

Sunday, June 2nd – The Yukon Bar. Seward, AK. 9pm.

Tuesday, June 4th – House Concert. Palmer, AK. Email us for details.

Wednesday, June 5th – Prospector’s Pizza. Denali, AK. 7pm.

Thursday, June 6th – 49th State Brewing Company. Denali, AK. 7pm.

Friday, June 7th – The Salmon Bake. Denali, AK. 10pm. (Full Band)

Saturday, June 8th – The Salmon Bake. Denali, AK. 10pm. (Full Band)

Sunday, June 9th – The Fairview Inn. Talkeetna, AK. 9pm (Full Band).

After that, it’s back to the Bay for more great shows in Northern California before we hit the road for some summer fun in Oregon and Montana. Stay tuned!


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  1. i was there at the salmon bake and you guys rocked it. I hope you have fun up here in Alaska!!!!

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