A Video For Our Ode to Josephine and an Upcoming Performance

Hello there good citizens. We recently finished a live music video for our Ode to Miss Josephine Baker, who had to be one of the most extraordinary women to have ever lived. She was a dancer and an iconic symbol of the jazz age. She was an activist and a strong leader in the civil rights movement that refused to perform for segregated audiences. She was a spy for the French Resistance, a mother of 12 adopted children from across the globe, and she had a pet cheetah that she kept on a leash, named Chiquita. We wrote a tribute to this amazing gal, whom Ernest Hemingway described as “the most sensational woman anybody ever saw. Or ever will”, and are very excited to release this new music video. It was filmed at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle in Oakland, California, filmed by Hapa Films with audio work by Scott McDowell. Featuring vocals by Gillian Howe, clarinet and trombone by Zac Johnson, guitar work by Tyler Ryan Miller, Ryan Lukas on the bass, and Aaron Kierbel on drums. Hope you like it.

After heading to Seattle for the Western Arts Alliance conference in early September, we’ll be heading down to Torrance to perform at El Camino Community College! More info to be found at www.centerforthearts.org. See ya there!