Performing One Show in Bozeman at the Ellen Theatre Nov. 13th!


Hello Friends,

We’re excited to announce a big show next month back in Bozeman, Montana, birthplace of Tumbledown House!  We’ll be playing as a 6-piece band at the Ellen Theatre on Friday, November 13th.  We’ll be joined by Adam Greenberg on drums, Sean Lehmann on bass, Jake Fleming on sax, and Bay Area musician Zac Johnson will be flying in to join us on clarinet!  It’s going to be a grand show, in a beautiful, historic theater, and we’re honored to bring our songs and theatrical stories to a room that has been a holding place for those very things since 1919.  So grab your tickets and join us for a night of music and sordid tales, and, uh, we won’t make you stay in those seats if you don’t want to.

Ticket information starts here:

We hope to see you there, lovelies.

-Tumbledown House

“Some of these things are true and some of them lies.  But they are all good stories.” –Hilary Mantel