Our New Album is Finally Released!

Today is the day folks! Our new album, Fables And Falsehoods, is available today on a few major retailers, such as CD Baby, Itunes, and Amazon (Physical CD or MP3 Download). Here is the first paragraph from a recent review:

“Fables and Falsehoods is the brilliant, sepia-toned soaked offering from Tumbledown House that starts off like a black and white silent film and keeps rollicking along into a colorful tapestry of clever tales of woe and object lessons wrapped in a crushed-velvet punch. Gillian Howe and Tyler Ryan Miller, the duo who are Tumbledown House spared no expense; left no rock unturned, and climbed every mountain high to unearth a sweet, tasty, little gem of an album.”

For this album, we enlisted the talents of 10 other musicians (including members of New Orleans’ Dirty Dozen Brass Band) for a whimsical collection of songs tinged with 1920′s big band and dark tango.

Releasing an album is both rewarding and challenging. I often relate the process of writing, tracking, mixing, and producing a new CD to childbirth (not that I have any real  experience of what it’s like to be in labor). But producing an album is daunting; it forces an artist to be extremely self-critical. During the mixing process, we labored over every note and contemplated the most subtle of effects. The discussions over artistic direction, visual presentation, and theme lasted well into the early morning hours of many a night. After the album is mixed and mastered, after the artwork has been tediously finalized, and after the online marketing campaign has been executed, the body and mind need time to forget the horrors they’ve endured. Slowly, the creative process resumes again: ideas start churning, melodies introduce themselves, and the cycle continues..

We hope you love Fables and Falsehoods. Special Thanks go out to Jeremiah at Peach St. Studios for his engineering expertise during the tracking process, Robert and Rhea Hawkins for the beautiful photography, Brett Allen at SnowGhost Music for being a damn fine mixing engineer, and David Glasser over at Airshow for adding that last coat of paint in mastering.