If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..

Then our new videos should be worth a novel. Maybe not Steinbeck, but Dan Brown at least.

With the help of Bryan Matuskey from AZeventVIDEO.com, we have several new videos featuring our incredibly talented backup band. We hope to be playing more and more gigs with other musicians in the future and hope the videos will help us in our goal. Please feel free to forward or repost these vids to anyone you think might be interested.

Brothers McGhee

Little Castaway

Triplets of Belleville

In other news, we set off tomorrow for a beautiful summer in Montana, including a side tour in Oregon for a few weeks in July. Check out our shows page for a list of performances. We’re beginning work on our new album, “Postwar Jukebox“, and in general, are very happy, healthy, and slightly stressed out.