A Self-Inflicted Relocation Program

That’s right, folks, your favorite bindlestiffs have once again packed up their meager belongings, traveled the country, and plopped down again in a seemingly random location far from anything familiar. In other words, Tumbledown House has relocated to beautiful Prescott, Arizona. Why Prescott? Because it reminded us a lot of Bozeman, Montana. Then why leave Bozeman? Because we travel a lot and don’t like to do so on ice. Besides, it seems as though everyone who comes to our shows in Bozeman already has the damn CD. A beach is not the place to try and sell sand. So we moved in to a good place with great neighbors in a cute town full of friendly people. And we couldn’t be happier.  We might even go ahead and record our second album here.

Our introduction to downtown Prescott was the First Annual Harvest
Festival on Cortez Street. It was cold. Mighty cold. But there were talented artists of all kinds, fresh local and semi-local beer, and 9-foot-tall-human-propelled puppets (created by Jacob Devaney).  And you just can’t beat that.

It’s a festival-friendly, arts-supportive town with something going on every weekend. And regardless of our agenda, we usually end up at the Raven to meet new friends, catch a movie or a show, and choose from lots and lots and lots of beers. The rooftop patio there is our unofficial living room.

What can we say?  It’s the first time we’ve signed a year-long lease in years, and we didn’t flinch for a second.  So if you know anyone in Arizona, tell them we’re here to stay. Well, for a year, anyway.

Cheers and Happy Holidays from Tumbledown House