Cheese, more cheese, and some cheap beer.. please.


We’re cooped up in a cozy little coffee shop in gorgeous Madison, Wisconsin and thought we’d share a few updates from the road. Thus far the tour has gone swimmingly: we’ve played some great shows, met wonderful folks, seen amazing sights, all without catching ourselves on fire! Not once!

As we travel through the Midwest, we’re looking forward to seeing some old friends and making our way to New England, where we’re sure to gorge ourselves on chowda and make fun of people’s accents.

We recently printed some new shirts, designed by yours truly. Fashion experts claim they are “rustically modern; glimpsing into the past while paving the way toward the future” and “a triumph in design and a welcoming addition to any fall wardrobe”. My next door neighbor claims they are “pretty damn cool”.  We’ve printed up a number of colors, including navy, chocolate, and charcoal. Here’s the front and back design, modeled by the dead sexy Ms. Howe. Click on the images to see a bigger pic.

Tumbledown House shirt frontTumbledown House shirt back

I know, right?!? After (read: if) we get off the road we’ll set up an online shop where you’ll be able to purchase these suckers. If you’re interested now, please send us an an email and we’ll work something out.

In other news, brilliant up-and-coming director/filmmaker Nicholas Duarte has produced a short film titled “What you Need” that will feature Tumbledown House’s music. Here is the trailer which features our song “My Papa’s Waltz”. Nick’s a fantastically talented individual and has done short films and ads for such small time clients as Adidas and Heinz.

You can view more of Nick’s videos at his website. I highly recommend the six minute wrestling movie he did for Adidas.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for tuning in! Check out our shows page to see where our misadventures take us next.